Emory M. Thomas

Bold Dragoon: The Life of J.E.B. Stuart

Original air date: April 6, 2012

Jeb Stuart’s mythology is colorful and humorous. He sat like a centaur atop his horse as cavalry commander. His reputation was enhanced by his appearance: good looking with a long dark beard, red-lined gray cape, yellow sash and a hat with an ostrich plume. He often wore cologne. Southern women loved him and he appeared to love the ladies.

But James Ewell Brown Stuart was deeply devoted and faithful to his wife Flora. He liked to throw big parties for his men during the war but never drank alcohol. In fact he swore to his mother that he would never drink . Even in his last moments–dying from a bullet wound–he refused the numbing drink.

Stuart was flawed, he consumed his fame and his fame consumed him. Today we’ll talk about Jeb Stuart, the leader of the Confederate cavalry but also Jeb Stuart… the man who was kind of a nut.

Emory Thomas was born in Richmond, Virginia. He has written eight books and was a Regent’s Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Georgia.  His biographies on Jeb Stuart and Robert E. Lee are considered the finest single volume books on the Confederate leaders.

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