Fri. Jul 23rd, 2021

Event Venues Miami – Tips For Picking the Best Event Space

One of the primary reasons event planners find it tough to find an ideal event space is because they do not know the right questions to ask. If you are looking for an event venue in Miami, then you might this read quite helpful.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Before you make a short list of event spaces to look at, it’s important that you know who will attend as well as how many guests will be attending. You want to ensure that your chosen venue can accommodate all the guests and is suitable for them.

If the venue is too large for the event, use a decorative partition in order to adjust the space size. If the event is by invite only, ask that the guests RSVP by printing it on the invitation. RSVP is an acronym that means “please respond”. However, keep in mind that some people do not respond and you may have to follow up with a call.

What’s Convenient for The Guests?

Choosing an event space located close to where the guests work or live usually reflects on the number of individuals that will attend. Alcohol consumptions, as well as transportation, is something you will want to consider. The last thing you want is your guests drinking and driving, so have transportation options so that everyone can get to their homes safely.

Know How To Cater For The Guests

Knowing the demographics of your guests is crucial to the selection of the event space. For instance, know what your target audience likes and dislikes, their average income and what they are accustomed to. If your guests are a group of chief executive officers, then the venue ought to reflect their needs and tastes.

Venue Knowledge & Experience

Before you settle for a venue in Miami, you should ask the manager a list of the events they have hosted before. Ask for the photos so that you can see the various options of layouts. You might want to speak to some of the workers as well to know how accommodating they are and what expertise they hold. Find out the ratio of guests to servers, what they will wear during the event and whether they can work overtime if required.

You’ll also want to know what they will take care of and what you need to prepare for. This includes set-up, decoration, tear-down, etc. The more information you have, the better.

Also, walk around the exterior of the venue and check for potential noise issues, possible hazards, whether decoration is needed outside, parking for cars or buses, and where the fire exits are located.

The FeesFmiami

Prior to choosing the best among the numerous event venues Miami has to offer, you should ask for a list of the things that the fees cover. You will want to know:

  • The event venue fee and whether taxes are included.
  • What else is included in the venue fee? Security, parking, linens, dance floor, tables, etc.
  • What is not included in the fee.
  • The bar and bartending fees.

With this checklist, you should be able to pick the right venue for your event. If you still have doubts about something, visit Coral Gables Country Club. They help provide the best event venues Miami has to offer.