Fri. Jul 23rd, 2021

Why You Should Visit The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Living a life based on the teachings of the Buddha are epitomized by the life of a monk. They embrace these teachings, sometimes living a life within the confines of a monastery. Outside of the influence of modern society, they are able to find peace and become more balanced individuals. For those that are interested in this type of life may want to consider visiting a monastery devoted to the Buddha. One of the best places to experience this is The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Here is a brief overview of this outstanding destination that many people should visit.

The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas Overview

The design of this monastery is based upon traditional Asian culture. Specifically, those that would want to lead a monastic life. At this monastery, there are individuals that have come from European countries, China, and many others. It teaches guiding principles such as not being selfish, not being greedy, and not pursuing objectives related to personal gain. Many buildings are on this site, each devoted to providing the monks with inspiration toward their new life. This location was purchased by, and developed by a man by the name of Hsuan Hua.

Who Was Hsuan Hua?

This individual is known to those that practice Western Buddhism. He developed what is called a Chan Temple, one focused on the Buddhist religion. He found this place decades ago, located in Mendocino County. He was searching for the perfect location to create an all encompassing Buddhist community. His goal was to connect those that practiced Buddhism worldwide, and also present it in a way to attract newcomers. The final result is an exceptional complex, built on about 500 acres, with nearly 100 acres fully develops.

What Is At The City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Upon your arrival, you will see a gateway leading into the complex. It has multiple buildings, some of which are designed for meditation, whereas others are for sleeping and having meals. Many people come to see the 20 foot representation of the bodhisattva, as well as the 10,000 images located in the Jeweled Hall of 10000 Buddhas. This is a destination that was explicitly designed to help people embrace Buddhist practices. Men and women operate separately throughout the facility. All people will wear clothing that is non-inviting. The objective is to help them connect with a life outside of the distractions provided in the modern world.

What Is The Atmosphere Within This Facility?

In Buddhism, there are typically two types of interested people. Those that are interested in Buddhism because of spiritual or devotional reasons, whereas others simply want to meditate. Those that have families there, especially from China and Taiwan, have found this to be a very comfortable place to live. Whether they’re focuses on being more spiritual, or developing their ability to meditate, everyone there is happy and balanced.

The teachings of Buddhism are intriguing for people in both Western and Eastern cultures. When you visit The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, you will certainly understand the attraction. Those that have been seeking a way of life that is absent the confusion and stress of a regular life may find this very appealing. To discover if this is right for you, or if you are simply interested in Buddhism, this is a monastery that you will certainly want to see. Located in Talmage, California, it is conveniently situated just north of the bay area. Regardless of where you live, it is certainly a place that you should visit.